Owen’s Post

Hi, I’m Owen. I started at Fordhall farm in late November as part of a work experience program set up by the Jobcentre. It was originally just a way to gain some experience in an office role. But once the 8-week program had come to an end, I continued to volunteer.


One of the things I most enjoy about working at Fordhall is the friendly atmosphere in the office environment. Everyone who works or volunteers in the office is always friendly and willing to offer a helping hand when one is needed.

Over my time volunteering at Fordhall, I have taken part in various roles. During the recent spring fair, I was roped into helping at the last minute and was put in charge of the welly wangling. Which resulted in an interesting, exciting and completely unexpected day.

Also, I have helped in small ways to refurbish the yurt facilities, which have been set up for glamorous camping on the farm. I have helped clean the inside of the yurts and in recent weeks I helped to create a border of mint around them. I also helped another volunteer fill sheets of insulation to be placed in the walls of the yurt.


To help give the flue in the yurt more stability, I helped to dig a deep hole beside the yurt and placed a telegraph pole in it, which was then bracketed to the flue – this will make sure the flue doesn’t blow over in the wind!

The main part of my volunteering work has taken place in the main office. I have gained knowledge on the use of Microsoft programs. I have done filing and typing up the minutes of a company meeting.

During my time here I helped Ben give the cattle their TB shots. I helped by recording the numbers on the cows’ ear tags. This helped to keep record of the cows and I gained knowledge on how to give cows TB shots.

Recording cattle ear-tags

Recording cattle ear-tags

I have disliked very little about my time at Fordhall. Everything that I did was a new and usually fun experience for me. I have made friendships during my time at Fordhall and I have gained valuable office experience when I apply for future office based jobs.