Charlotte explains how to safely interact with Fordhall’s Cows



“So as you can see, our Aberdeen Angus cattle have moved into House Field at Fordhall, which is one of our open public access free trails.

“And we thought, well actually not everyone is comfortable around cows, so we’re going to give you a very short, quick few tips.

“The one thing you need to know about cows is they are very curious animals – they love to be nosy, they love to see what’s going on.

“These couple of cows over here at the moment are just watching me in amazement – why am I sitting in the middle of a field talking randomly?!

“And as a result that cow may start to approach you, they may look around you to see what’s going on – but our cows at Fordhall have been checked for safety, and we are comfortable that they are safe around members of the public.

“But that doesn’t stop you being a bit nervous, so what would you do if you feel the cows are coming a little bit too close?

“Well first of all, you could give them a wide berth in the field if that is your preference.

“But if they are still getting a little bit close for comfort, the thing about a cow is they will not like you if you’re making yourself too big or too noisy.

“So you can put your arms out, showing the palms of your hands, step towards them and make a loud noise; and they will back off straight away.

“So we’ll just put that into practise, and see if it works.

“So, there you go, straight away the cows backed off, and if they weren’t backing off as much as I was happy with, I could make a bit of noise with that.

“And off the cows go and you can carry on on your walk. Enjoy!”