Spring Lambs arrive at Fordhall Farm!

The new lambing shed was just finished after the working weekend, only a few minor finishing touches left. Thankfully we got there just in time, with the ewes having their first lambs on the same day we brought them in!

We have ten lambs so far from the first bunch and expect the majority of them to come over the next two weeks. Here you can see volunteer Alan and myself with the first lamb of 2008.

Thank you to all the guys who put in lots of hours of manual labour and time planning and building the shed, without all this help we never would have got it finished in time. And of course all those of who who donated £1 so that we could buy all the blocks we needed to keep out the wind. A real neccessity with the recent weather!

Everyone can come and see the new lambs at our Farmers’ Market and Lambing Day on Sunday 16th March 11am-4pm.

Hopefully there will be many more by then, although I am not looking forward to the late nights, when I have to go and check the ewes and lambs in the dark and cold. Then again I wouldn’t swap the life of a farmer for anything.

– Ben.

More information on the events at Fordhall Farm can be found on our website www.fordhallfarm.com