Thank You Fordhall – From Sami and Jolly

To Fordhall Farm by Sami and Jolly

We came to Fordhall farm for the straw bale bunkhouse building workshop. We really enjoyed staying here. It has been so much fun and we learnt so much. It was great that they allowed 12-year-old children on the building site. First we learnt how to square the bales by hands and alligator saw. (Our mum helped us with the alligator saw) If the bales were not the right size to fit the frame, we sized the bales with big needles and twine. Glyn taught us ‘truckers hitch knot’ and ‘fisherman’s knot’ to tie up the bales. Every day we helped a lot with brushing up loose straw, putting it in big bags and taking it to the barn and pigs.

On the Wednesday youth group with Mike and Wendy we learnt how to measure moisture levels in the bales. We also learnt how to make hazel stakes to hold the straw bales in place.

We started volunteering at 8:30 am to 4:30pm. In the evenings we walked around the farm. We saw sheep, cows’ horses, wild rabbits, rats and lots of birds.

We really enjoyed Fordhall’s shop and café. They sell the best pies, cheese and soda bread. Our favourite pie is blue stilton and pork pies. The staff are so kind and friendly it makes us go back for more pies. We really enjoyed volunteering here and would love to come back again to put clay on the straw walls and when the bunkhouse is finished.

Thank you for having us.

From Sami and Jolly.