The snow continues at Fordhall

As the cold weather continues, Fordhall is yet again under snow. The animals have developed lovely winter coats and so they are all taking the cold weather well. They also have our woodlands for additional shelter.

The hardest hit seem to be the pigs. They have been able to keep warm with straw beds in their arcs, but their water troughs have not been so lucky. With cold temperatures the water has frozen. Ben had to take a crow bar to it last week as the ice was too thick to break with your hands. Since then we have painted the south side of the troughs in black, in the hope that the morning sun will warm the trough enough to keep the ice at bay – and so far it seems to be working 🙂

With frozen pipes we are carrying many buckets a day to ensure the livestock have plenty of fresh water. However, the farm does look beautiful in the snow and despite the cold it is a lovely time of year to be outdoors.

We hope the rest of you are not suffering too much in the cold weather and are now used to wearing plenty of layers!