The sun is shining and we need your help…….

With the farm now secured we are starting to make plans for the future at Fordhall, as Charlotte pointed out earlier this week we have just purchased some new breeding Gloucester Old Spot pigs to join the herd on the farm. The Gloucester Old Spots are a very quiet breed with great maternal instincts and they thrive on our free range system.
The long spell of hot dry weather is beginning to take its toll, but like the old saying goes “make hay while the sun shines”. We are currently making 15 acres of hay which is due to be bailed on Wednesday. So if anyone wants something to help pass the time on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday we will be stacking and moving small bales of hay at Ternhill. Who could think of a better way to spend a gorgeous summers afternoon then out in the country with a beer and plenty of physical work.
A local small holder Bob and I have bought a Hay Bob and conventional bailer together to make it affordable. It means we both get the equipment we need at a reasonable price and we can help each other through the busy time that the hay making season is.

So wish us luck with getting enough people to help move the possible 1500 bales, and don’t hesitate in offering your help tel. 01630 638696. Lets all keep our fingers crossed it doesnt rain just yet. The forecast is for rain on Thursday, but we may not get finished on Wednesday so lets hope we can hold it off for just enough time.

As typical farmers we are never happy, and once we have got the hay into the barn I am sure we will be complaining that the rain has not come!!