Volunteer Archives…

Thanks to Intuit UK (the company who makes our accounting programme) who are offering small businesses throughout the UK a chance to win up to £10,000, we started to delve into the Fordhall Volunteer Photo Archives.  We came across some brilliant pictures and memories spanning the past ten years…
We have been posting them all over Facebook and Twitter and have had a fantastic response from volunteers past and present…

If you want to vote for us to win, we have until Friday 4th April 2014 to drum up as many votes as possible! We want to use the funds to buy a new tool shed and new tools for our volunteers, to create a nicer space for them to stay in overnight and hopefully be able to to fund training opportunities for volunteers on our Volunteer Working Weekends….Just click http://intuit.me/1cY9Iga You don’t have to give any details, it just takes a click.  Thank you!

Here is a selection of the photos we have been sharing lately… Were you here? Can you spot yourself?

Rob and Jason fixing Betty the Tractor
Building tree protectors….not trapping Inlandis in a box!

2006 – Save Fordhall Farm!

What’s through the square window…?

Building a boardwalk

Building bridges…

Two thumbs up!

In the old Farm Shop… 2004

Andy and Tess

2011 volunteer weekend

Danny O’Sullivan and Heath McDonald

More from 2004

Wayfarers in the Community Garden

‘Charlottes’ Angels?!

Everyone say CHEESE!

Building a new compost toilet for our yurts

Who needs work benches…we’ve got picnic benches!
The lovely, late Alec Nunn…sorely missed.

In the farm house garden

Dismantling the old compost toilet.


Nevermind the picnic bench…just use the flatbed trolley!

Volunteers of all ages…and all tastes in hats!

At the end of a long volunteer weekend!

Don’t forget you can vote for us by clicking http://intuit.me/1cY9Iga Thank you!