WE DID IT! The £100,000 was raised!

We have done it! The £100,000 we needed as match funding for the renovation of the Old Dairy at Fordhall Farm has been reached, enabling us to create a visitor centre, in memory of our father, Arthur Hollins – thank you so much.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all of you who contributed. Your generosity has once again achieved what many thought was un-achievable. The lovely messages and emails of support remind us of the final campaign weeks in 2006 when Fordhall was saved. This is our next major challenge and although raising the £100,000 has been an incredible milestone, the next six months will pose many more challenges. One of the most important will be to continue the fundraising as we work hard to reduce the loans which form the rest of the match funding. We do hope you will follow us on this journey: enabling Fordhall to shine as a fantastic example of what can be achieved when people work together, how food is produced in harmony with nature and how wonderful good local food can be.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Very cool, I’m so glad you all made the mark!! I look forward to my next visit, miss you guys loads!!!

  2. Congratulations to all involved! You couldn’t make Arthur any prouder!
    Dagmar and Mike, Germany

  3. Many congratulations on reaching yet another target. So pleased to be able to help
    in a small way. Sorry I don’t live nearer so that I could do more.
    Keep up the splendid work, you should be a great inspiration to many others.

    Judy Prince

  4. Dear all at Fordhall, Many congratulations – is nothing too ambitious for the Fordhall crew to achieve!! Very best wishes, Ernest

  5. Hi Fordhall Gang,

    GREAT !!! Have you ever realised that you’re fundraising millionaires by now
    (according to my calculations, at any rate)?
    I hope the RDA have at least let you know when you can expect their
    Katerina, Netherlands

  6. Dear Charlotte and Ben

    Many thanks for a great lunchtime barbecue last weekend – lovely to visit at last and get a sense of all the work you’re putting in, and your vision.

  7. Dear All,


    Fantastic news and the very best of luck with this project.

    May all your hard work and dedication continue to bring you success in the

    WELL DONE!!!

    Many regards from

    The Phillips Family

  8. Well done to all concerned!

    Looking forward to receiving our new share certificates in due course…

    Kind regards

    Phyl and Don

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