A New Life

First of all I would like to introduce myself, I’m Beth and I started at the farm as an admin assistant in January. Since being here I have had such a warm welcome and I’m really enjoying being part of this lovely community, getting to know everyone and learning so much more about how the farm is run.

I have a great love for animals and it is so nice to see all the new life that is appearing, first with the piglets to the lambs and soon the calves. I have always wanted to have a go at lambing and this morning I finally got my opportunity.

Ben came into the office and said there was a ewe about to lamb and asked if I wanted to help, I jumped at the offer, made my way to the barn and was so excited. Ben brought the ewe into a pen with me and a bucket of water. Having never lambed before, Ben talked me through the process of placing my index finger and thumb around one leg and my other fingers around the other leg, making sure I had a good hold ready to pull the lamb out.

After rinsing my hand in water I placed my hand inside the ewe and automatically felt a foot and a nose, the lamb was quite large and the other foot had gone behind the lambs head.

Due to the lamb being so large Ben had to help bring the other leg round for me. When both legs were in the right place I placed my fingers around the legs and gently pulled.

I was so nervous at first that I would hurt the lamb, but Ben assured me I wouldn’t, and as I pulled the mother pushed and finally this gorgeous little lamb came out.

I was so happy and overjoyed to see this little bundle was alive and quite healthy. To make sure all the mucas had come from the lambs mouth and nose, Ben put a piece of straw up the nose which made the lamb cough and clear her airway. After making sure the female lamb was ok, I then put my hand back inside to check whether there was another lamb. I could not feel another lamb and Ben checked to make sure and confirmed that there wasn’t.

I was so thrilled to help and I’m so happy to have had this amazing experience and am pleased to say that the lamb and mother are both fine. Almost 50 of Ben’s 70 Ewes have now lambed and thankfully they have all been successful, which has made everyone happy, especially Ben.

I cannot urge you enough to come and see all of the gorgeous lambs and piglets on Sunday 11th April when the annual Farmers Market will be held. It’s a brilliant opportunity to see everything involved with the farm and also to go on the farm trail which has beautiful scenery. Hopefully see you then?!!!


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  1. Just catching up with Fordhall news and so enjoyed this virtual lambing experience – I have a real soft spot for sheep! You describe it so vividly, Beth – I was with you through it all. Thanks for sharing. Loreita

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