..And hemp insulation too!

Looking towards our farm shop entrance, these british stone plinths will hold our oak canopy.
The renovation of our old dairy building at Fordhall continues to progress. Earlier this week saw the foundations for our oak green roof canopy go in, along with our wondow and door frames. This is when it all starts to feel real…
Preparation works for the oak canopy.
Following the installation of the sheep’s wool in our roof, hemp batts have been pushed into our walls. I asked Sarah, our graduate who is carefully calculating our carbon footprint, to provide me with some information on the material and she said: 
“Don’t be mistaken that this is in any way similar to the stuff that can be smoked! Although the same plant hemp insulation is a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional insulation materials and it is becoming an increasingly popular construction material due to its durability and effective thermal properties. The hemp insulation also helps regulate internal moisture levels, creating a more comfortable space in the building in terms of humidity and air quality.

The hemp batts can be seen between the
timber frame.
Above is the wool wood board and
all in a mornings work!

Excitingly, hemp insulation is ‘carbon negative’ as the hemp crop absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows which is then retained within the hemp insulation. More carbon dioxide is absorbed during crop growth and harvesting than is released during the insulation production stage. This is great for the Old Dairy building and its carbon footprint.”

 On top of this hemp will be woolwood boards. A more environmentally sound alternative to plasterboard and with the added benefit of being fantastic for noise and heat insulation. As you can see these are being laid directly infront of the hemp batts. Eventually, these will all be covered with a lovely traditional lime render.

Simultaneoulsy, the roofers outdoors have been busy applying the zinc covering to the new roof spaces. This is a very skilled job, but the workmanship has been first class and it looks wonderful.
Keep up the great work chaps.
Fordhalls new facilities have been generously part funded by Advantage West Midlands