Arthur Hollins and Educational Visits

By 1961 Fordhall Organic Farm had regular visits by organised parties from the towns during the summer months. Arthur enjoyed showing parties around the farm and dairy. Visitors were fascinated and had a multitude of questions about his farming techniques and how products were made in the dairy. Arthur was a great believer in imparting not only his knowledge but also his love for ‘Mother Nature’ and his ‘organic philosophy’.
Children the next generation of farmers, and consumers are always the most inquisitive and have a boundless enthusiasm for learning about the world around them. Arthurs own enthusiasm along with the children’s thirst for knowledge was a perfect match. They were made for each other.

Looking through the archives it is unsure when Arthur started to invite schools to Fordhall Farm but by the 1960s school parties were a regular occurrence starting with the youngest children from primary schools up to and beyond ‘grammar’ and ‘secondary modern’ school aged children.
In a letter from 1960 a mother from Crosby in Liverpool wrote to Arthur explaining how much her children ‘thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are still talking about the farm and all its attractions’. In 1966 May was taking bookings from as far away as Oldham where the ‘Scientifical Society’ of the local Grammar school wanted to visit the farm the following year.

A local woman from Cheswardine, Shropshire, talks about a school visit to the farm back in the late 1960s, “Arthur was very enthusiastic and taught us all about organic farming and how his dairy worked. We tasted some of the food from the dairy, the yoghourt was nice but the ‘Yogice’ was the best thing I’ve ever tasted.” Various people from Market Drayton and the surrounding area, even as far as Newcastle-under-Lyme remembers school visits to Fordhall farm and the pleasure Arthur got from young people taking an interest in his farm and the knowledge he had to impart about ‘Mother Nature’. They also enjoyed the stimulating hand-on experience to be had at the farm.
Today Fordhall Organic Farm still invites young people from school and other interest groups for educational activities. They can enjoy, food and farming programmes, gardening, forest school, outdoor cooking and orienteering. We have exciting programmes that can be adapted to suit any group of children or young people. For more on our education opportunities, click here