Arthur’s Plough – First night Success!

Last night was the first night of Arthur’s Plough (our play with music) at Fordhall Farm – and what a success it was! Lots of people turned up with their chairs and enjoyed a night of laughter as they were told the Fordhall story.
The acting was superb, a real pleasure to watch and extremely funny. (The bit with Victoria the pig was my favourite.) The farm cat even decided to make an appearance on the stage at one point, I think she forgot her lines though!
So if you haven’t bought your ticket yet – get one quick! Even though it seems to be pouring with rain at the moment, tonight’s performance will still go ahead, it just might be moved into the lambing shed (We will move the animals currently sheltering there out, don’t worry!)
Please call the office on 01630 638696 if you would like to purchase a ticket or alternatively go online and you can buy one from Ben’s online shop.
Don’t miss out – See you there!

P.S For those of you that REALLY cannot come, you can buy a DVD of the play, from the office for just £10.

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  1. Dear charlotte,

    Congratulations on your play…enjoyable and refreshingly

    I found Ben’s sausage bap was superb, in the class of your
    father’s cooking!

    Cheers, Geof White

  2. Well, since I’m still in Iraq, I shall have to purchase a DVD! I suppose since my address is in the US I should have to send money via Paypal. Wish I could be there!

    ‘Navy’ Dave Kennon

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