We carried on regardless

Despite last nights rain, the second performance of ‘Arthur’s Plough’ at Fordhall Farm was a great success. Volunteers (especially Chris, Charles and Helena) spent the day clearing the shed from animal muck to allow the cast and audience a clean space to sit.

Tonights performance should be back in the Farmhouse garden, but if the rain comes once more we will back into Bens shed.

Please dont forget to book your tickets early to guarantee a seat on the night.

For photos of the dress rehearsals follow the link below:


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  1. Just to say how brilliant we thought the play was last night – very captivating – emotions from sadness to great hilarity and the whole range between. Very well done!

    Although the evening was a bit damp – I don’t think the audience minded a
    bit! Congratulations also to Chris Eldon-Lee and your acting/production team for
    managing to re-stage so effectively.

    A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

    Regards and very many congratulations.

    Paul, Hilary, Becky and Matthew

  2. Enid and I enjoyed the play on Saturday evening. Thank you for a great time!
    It must be a bit spooky seeing yourselves portrayed on stage.
    The 1.5 hour each-way journey was worth the effort on our part, and I hope
    that you made plenty of sales from the shop…
    Its a small world. Our guests for the evening (from Essex), although they had never visited the farm or understood the story behind it. They went away enthused and better educated! Two more converts for the
    Neil Ritchie

  3. About the book. What can I say? It is super. I have always been
    taught that if you can read a book more than once it is good. This is a
    In its way I would classify it in the same stream as Gone with the Wind
    as both are telling the story of an era (except yours is true.) Yours is
    of the era of greed that has swept the country.
    After reading that first chapter I was in tears. How you were able to
    fight and fight beats me.
    I would have given in.
    The only regret I have is that Norman and I did not give you any help
    with the envelopes. He was well then and we would willingly have
    heldped but we did not realise.
    The writing and phrasing is an example to us all. This is a book that
    should be studied at University level
    Thank you for letting me into your lives.
    God Bless,
    Eileen Stevens.

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