Celebrity Support

Support for the Fordhall Community Land Initiative is growing everyday. We continue to send letters to all and sundry in the hope that they may offer support to this important Initiative. One which we know has great potential for sustainability and reconnecting people to food, farming and the landscape.

Today another of those letters recieved a positive response and we gained support from the actor Robert Powell.

He said “I wholeheatedly support the Fordhall Community Land Initiative and strongly believe that it will set an example that others will be quick to follow. Community ownership is a splendid idea. May it flourish.’

We must pass on our thanks to him for his support and offer a visit to Fordhall whenever he is in the area.

If any of our supporters knows of anyone who may like to support the Initiative or who should support the Initiative please do let us know.

Other ways of helping can be found on our ‘How Can You Help’ pages on our website.