David Bellamy – “Fordhall Must be saved!”

On Tuesday mum and I attended a talk given by Professor David Bellamy organised by the Shrewsbury Horticultural Society.

It was extremely interesting to hear David talk about his travels and experiences and of course his love for nature.

He also touched upon the importance of farming the landscape in balance with nature – the only way that farming will continue long term.

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to speak to David after his talk and asked for his advice for our campaign.

After explaining the situation, his first words were “Fordhall has to be saved”

He already had a copy of our late fathers book “The Farmer the Plough and the Devil” and had heard about our long fight. He even entered dads cultivating machine (the CulturSeeder) in a competition some years ago which won an award from the Conservation Foundation for his innovation in agricultural sustainability.

I left David with some information on the project and we will hopefully see him at Fordhall in the near future.

We are learning more and more that it is who you know and not so much what you know in life. We have a tight deadline to save Fordhall and only one chance to do this in.

If you know anyone who you think may be useful for our campaign please do let us know, or put them in contact with the Farm….. you never know where it may lead.