Fordhall Farm on Escape to the Country!

Very exciting news for all involved! For those of you who are unaware, Fordhall Farm was featured on BBC’s Escape to the Country on 31st January at 2.15pm.

It is a fantastic glimpse into the story and beauty of Fordhall and was a great thrill to have Alistair Appleton and the filming crew here to gather gorgeous pictures of your beautiful farm. They came to film last August 2011 and were in awe of the farm and what it stands for, they were a pleasure to have at the farm and a huge thank you goes to the BBC, Alistair Appleton and all the crew who came and made a wonderful piece to show off Fordhall’s magic! We have already had numerous requests to purchase shares in the farm and we cannot be more grateful to everyone’s support and generosity now and over the years.

For those of you who missed it you can still watch it on BBC iplayer by clicking on the link below:

Escape to the Country on iplayer

We have also heard that we may be on Radio Four on Saturday 4th February at 6.30am talking about the farm and the story behind the success.

Hopefully 2012 will be just as successful!

Beth Kennett

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  1. I have just watched ‘Escape to the Country’ and was delighted to see Charlotte
    on the programme. I followed your progress with enormous interest when you were
    trying to save the farm and am delighted at how well things are going.

  2. Brilliant stuff! Is it possible to put it on youtube? Shareholders overseas can’t access iplayer…just a thought! But you all looked fab. Lovely piglets also x

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