Odd Sheep Join Fordhall!!

A few weeks ago we were joined by 12 Badger Sheep. A close friend of the family Peter Rudd, donated them to Fordhall as a quirky attraction for visitors But these sheep are not just about good looks, they also taste excellent.

They are currently living on our Motte and Bailey Heritage Site half way around our nature trail (as above) where children have spent time guessing their name from their markings and then running back up the field to tell ‘Farmer Ben’ what type of breed they are.

Black Face Welsh Mountain Sheep are a quiet and friendly breed that can live in the hardiest of conditions. There is even a a Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society formed in 1976, where over 200 members from across the UK can exchange ideas and experiences.

We are very excited about these sheep joining us at Fordhall and would like to pass on an enormous thank you to Peter Rudd for donating them. Ben (Farm Manager) says “these are a great breed of sheep, not only are they great to look at, but they are good mothers and very low maintenance”.

Please do come and visit our new arrivals when you are next visiting Fordhall. The Farm Shop is open Wed (11-4), Fri (11-6), Sat & Sun (11-4).