Permaculture Design course at Fordhall

WOW! We have had a fantastic response from the BBC programme shown last friday called ‘Farm for the Future’ featuring Fordhall Farm. It was filmed as part of the Natural World series on BBC 2 and attracted over 2.2 million viewers! But, if you were not one of them and you could like to catch the film then you can still view it over the BBC iPlayer programme.

One philosophy featured in the programme was Permaculture and Forest Gardens. Systems which rely on balance, cycles and connectiveness, just like Foggage Farming does at Fordhall. These are highly productive and efficient. They demand no fossil fuel energy to run, just a little bit of common sense and thought.

If you are interested in Permaculture and would like to attend a Permaculture Design course then we will be holding an Introduction to Permaculture weekend course at Fordhall this summer. It will run over July 18th – 19th 2009 and must be booked in advance. It will cost £120 for the weekend including camping facilities and all food.
If you would like more details or would like to attend please contact the FCLI office on 01630 638696 or email