Proactive Animal Management!

The arrival of new piglets never loses its appeal and excitment quickly spreads around the farm and onto visitors who rush to see the little bundles of pink squeaky joy! The latest ‘newbies’ are 11 very healthy and strong piglets who were born a week ago (see picture) and are now running around in their penned outdoor area inbetween still cuddling up under the heat lamp. Aren’t they cute and so small?!

In a different animal management situation, Ben changes the colour of the ‘strap’ used on the rams. This rather undignified process helps to indicate when a ewe has been ‘served’ and therefore at what stage she is likely to produce a lamb. By changing the colours , Ben will be able to judge which groups to monitor at what time regarding lambing. Although it may sound like the notion of romance has been removed from the mating process, then rest assured that the rams seem to like to challange and between them both, are quick to notch up as many coloured stripes as possible!
It gives the notion of Fordhall as a Love Farm an entirely different meaning!