Quiz Night Raises Funds For Fordhall

What a brilliant night! A huge thank you must go to Olwyn who has been organising this fantastic night for almost a year. Te community centre was packed to the brim and there was a distinctive competitiveness in the air! Fordhall Farm was represented by 14 volunteers (some of the ‘stragglers’ are pictured on the left) who did their best to prove their authority on worldly matters, even if it wasn’t good enough to win – after all, participation is what counts(!). Ben’s pork baps and lots of lovely desserts for all to enjoy complimented the evening. It was clear just how much work had gone into preparing for the evening – the excellent range of questions, the beautiful table arrangements and the mass of helpers on the evening to ensure everything went smoothly. It was great to be able to attend an event and not worry about everything!

Half of the money raised on the evening was donated to Practical Action (http://www.itdg.org/) and the other half is to be donated to Fordhall Community Land Initiative to help fund a future project:

“The money raised on behalf of FCLI from the quiz evening will go towards a bridge that will allow children from Buntingsdale school to cross the river to visit Fordhall on a regular basis as part of their lessons. We estimate that this will cost approximately £350 for materials as we may have to concrete posts in and design a structure. We are hoping the labour will be provided for free either from parents at Tern Hill or our own volunteers. The idea is establish a long-running project that will create an opportunity for young people and their parents to strengthen their relationships. By building this bridge, literally, we will be opening up so much potential for workshops, training, games and school visits. Each time a school would like to make a trip, they have to find at least £60 to cover the cost of a bus. By constructing a draw bridge we will be removing this extra burden on their already strained budget and making a fun and exciting way to move between the army base and Fordhall Farm.”

Watch this space to see how much Olywn managed to raise for this exciting project.