Thank You for Spreading the word!

I recently did a search on google for Fordhall Farm and the pages have grown enormously.

A big part of that is because of YOU. Whether you have written your own articles or posted our campaign on your website the word is spreading.

The most recent examples are:

And some recent notes of support. They really are appreciated and really keep us going when we are working late in the office. It is this continued and passionate support which is making the project a success.

Thanks to everyone there for a lovely day on Sunday 14th May on the Guided Walks, and I hope it brought you lots of new shareholders. In particular could you say thank you to the gentleman on the carpark gate who put up with my lad
Callum who kept asking him about the pigs he’s taken all the information away and has wowed his teacher with it today!

Best wishes
The Ashby’s


I have read about your farm in this month’s edition of Country Living magazine
and looked at your website. I am sorry to hear about all the trouble you have
had, but think that the shares scheme is a wonderful idea. I have down loaded a
form and will be sending the money for my share shortly. We hope to attend your
family fun day and my husband and myself will help you with and decorating or
odd jobs that need doing when we
have some time off work-I will e-mail you
first. We hope to have an organic small holding (fruit & veg mainly) when we
move in a few years time, so it will be interesting to see how an organic farm
is run, and perhaps learn a thing or two! Keep up the good work and best wishes
for the future.

Ms. Miller


Support is growing everyday for Fordhall and we want to hear about it. It really keeps us going and the easiest way for you to do that is to post comments on this Blog, and make sure if you have advertised the project online you include your link.

With approx £275,000 in the Bank we are getting ever closer but we still have half a million to raise in 40 days….

We can achieve this with your help

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