The roof structure goes back onto our Old Dairy

Today the steelwork to hold our new roof began to be pieced together. Charles led his team of merry men and the skilled crane driver to place each heavey piece in exactly the right place. It has taken most of the day, but almost every steel truss is now in place. Ready to receive the rafters that will soon hold our tile roof.

Work has also been carried out on the oak dorma windows (right), which fill the gaps of old loft hatches and a dorma window which was removed when the roof was damaged in a fire in the 1970’s. You can see the old black loft hatch on the image above left. It definately seems strange to think that we will never see the building as it was in its black and white form again. This renovation will transform Fordhall. The delicate, elicate and sympathetic design by Seven Architecture and the careful guidance of our QS Gavin from WCP together with the great team from Shingler, has ensured that so far (not wanting to pre-empt anything) this project has been a real joy to manage 
The walls that front our tearoom also continue to build up, with all the same character as they had before the came down – and a even little straighter! The brickies have been going for perfection and it shows.
Our attention is now being turned to the internal finishes and layouts, all those small decisions that you don’t think about when walls are coming down, but which at the end of the project are what make all the difference. One of my current tasks is to find a woodburner for the tearoom…. just in case anyone has one going spare!!

Fordhalls new facilities have been generously part funded by Advantage West Midlands