Festivals and Carnivals

Its been a busy couple of days all round.

Sophie went to the Ludlow Green Festival on Sunday to promote the campaign and Ben was at Greenfields Food Fair in Telford. Both had a great response over the weekend, and many signatures on our petition of support were gathered; as well as a few shares of course…

Then on Bank Holiday Monday we took part in the Market Drayton Carnival. We joined in with our newest shareholder Steve, his family and his Steam Engine, Lady Hesketh. Through the parade we gave out leaflets and collected donations.

With all the press we have had both nationally and locally, it is amazing how so many people in the local town are still unaware of what we are doing. Hopefully this day proved to increase awareness of Fordhall Farm, its current situation and of course to the benefits it has to the local area and beyond. We pass on a huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped us on the day.


2225 Shareholders
£490,000 raised so far (including £200,000 loan from Triodos Bank)
34 days to raise £310,000 and counting…

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  1. To our friends at Fordhall Farm

    Thank you very much for taking the initiative to send both mine and Jason’s certificates and other paperwork in the same envelope. This proves that you take the time to check what you are doing and really care about your supporters; we’re not just numbers, but people. In fact, I would not have been terribly impressed if two identical envelopes had landed on the doormat at the same time!

    Jason and I are most disappointed that we are not able to attend the Ball on 15th July, but we are returning from Bruges that day and won’t have the time to get over to Shropshire. Instead, I’ve ordered some theatre tokens which should arrive here in the next few days and I shall send them to you in the hope that you may be able to use them as prizes.

    We both wish you tremendous luck with your Initiative and look forward to receiving further updates.

  2. wrote again to Prince Charles, telling how wonderful the river was, and the new woodland planting. I said I wished he could have been there because then he’d understand how wonderful the farm was!

    Great video link below too.

    Kate, Whitchurch

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