Fordhall Butchery expands

At last Farmer Ben is able to move from his small lean to on the side of the house to a new larger butchery in the dutch barn. He has spent the last few weeks with many helpers putting together walk-in fridges and butchery spaces and they are almost complete. You can see Alec below helping to seal the curved edges of the room so that Environmental Health are happy. They can not leave any corners which may harbour bacteria and no holes that may allow flies and other insects to enter the food area. They have also have to sand balst the floor to make it move level so that cleaning is made easy.

The fridge panels were all second hand and they have done all the work themselves so that costs are kept as low as possible.

This new space will allow Ben more freedom with butchering his meats and in the future, will allow him enough space to butcher full carcasses.

At the moment all Fordhall livestock travel to a local butchers and abbottoir in Eccleshall (WM Perrys). They do the majority of the butchering allowing Ben to joint it up, steak and pack, all ready for the farm shop.

I have to say that the butchery is all Ben has talked about for the last week or so, and if you can’t find him around the farm, then this is where he will be hiding.

He has been particularly proud of the plumbing – having done it all himself. Although this morning there did seem to be a leak through the ceiling!!

We’ll keep you updated with the butchery move, as I am sure Ben will be keen to show it off once it is all completed.

Don’t forget that Ben also now has is online shop for a limited range of Fordhall meats. See and click on the shop link.

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  1. Wow Farmer Ben, your butchery looks amazing. I hope all your excessive tea breaks don’t hold you back too much!

  2. Its great to see the Farm Business moving forward as well as the Initiative. Does this mean you’ll be working more hours and we get more burgers 🙂

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