Shareholders Take Campagining Into Own Hands

We have had many reports of ‘mini’ campagins being launched by shareholders. These are ranging between cake stalls, dinner parties and fun runs to putting information in veg boxes and canvassing influential people. We would like to express our huge thanks and gratitude.

One definition of community is a group of people who share common interests, not necessarily in a geographically defined area – especially in today’s technology intensive world. This is what the Fordhall Community Land Initiative is about – people coming together because they regonise the importance and necessicity for a project such as this to succeed.

We would like to be able to track mini campagins and would love it if shareholders could send us pictures, accounts or reflections on the activities so we can post them on the diary for others to see. No need to be shy!

If you need more leaflets or posters they can be downloaded. Keep up the fantastic work.

Go Team Fordhall!